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Tattoo Defender

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  • Since 2012
Until a few years ago the market was totally devoid of products specifically designed for the care, maintenance and protection of tattoos over time.

Tattoo Defender is the first line created specifically to treat and protect tattoos.

Our idea was born at the end of an accurate market analysis, intense months of research and tests, on the one hand conducted using specialized cosmetic laboratories and dermatologists, and on the other by relying on the indispensable advice of professional tattoo artists.

Founded in November 2012, the company is present on the market with a series of products designed, tested and created with the express purpose of ensuring our customers the best results in the care and proper maintenance of tattooed skin.

The Tattoo Defender line is entirely made in Italy in ISO-9001-9002 certified laboratories with CERTIQUALITY certificate. No animal testing is carried out during the design and creation of the products, so Tattoo Defender is proudly cruelty free with official PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) certifications.

For some years, our products have also received the Dermatologically Tested label at the University of Ferrara having passed all the patch tests performed very well and this therefore guarantees a high quality standard, absent in commonly used non-specific products.

Our catalog has constantly expanded in order to meet all customer needs: today we offer a wide range of specific products for the care of the entire life cycle of tattoos, from the execution of the tattoo to its complete healing and protection. long term.
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