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The Lekker Company

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  • Since 2014
  • Distribution Trade Sense, Mongrid, Organic Beauty Supply, Eco-Groothandel, Unipharma, Holland Pharma
About The Lekker Company
Plant based, plastic-free deodorant from the Netherlands.
We make everyone smell lekker.

Créme deodorant based on baking soda, coconut oil and shea butter. Prevents odors without clogging your pores.
- 100% natural and vegan
- Fragranced with essential oils (except the neutral variant)
- Doesn't leave stains in your clothes
- Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Use: apply a pea-sized amount in your pits daily. Store at room temperature.

Each pot is enough for 120 fresh armpits.

Our packaging is completely made out of carton. Even the pot. We're 100% plastic free!

Who's behind the brand?
Vegan entrepreneur Dewi started her business The Lekker Company right from her kitchen table in The Netherlands – with nothing but ingredients from her own kitchen and a few mixing bowls.
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