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The Happy Soaps

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100% Plastic-Free and Natural Care - Handmade in the Netherlands

HappySoaps develops and produces 100% plastic-free and natural cosmetic products. Our focus is on developing the highest quality, fair priced products that are good for people & the environment. We produce all our products at our own production location in Gelderland, the Netherlands.

We want a plastic-free cosmetics market.

That's why we started HappySoaps. We believe that our land, our sea and our earth deserve waste that does not take 450 years to break down. That is why our products are completely plastic-free, mess-free and consist of natural ingredients. Good for you & the environment.

Our sea is currently made up of more than 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic. This Plastic Soup is caused by the fact that we humans produce an enormous amount of plastic that ends up in the environment as waste.

80% of plastic waste in the sea comes from the mainland. It ends up in the sea via detours such as the wind, sewers, canals and rivers. Plastic bottles, such as shampoo bottles are also included.

Because of our experience in the cosmetics market, we know that things can be done differently. Shampoo bars are our first products that are completely plastic-free. This is the start. Our ambition is to fill your bathroom with plastic-free products and thus make the cosmetics market plastic-free. Will you help us with this?
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