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The Good Brand

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Clean oceans and healthy forests. Generations of today and tomorrow dream of a green world. Making sustainable everyday products that everyone uses and that are friendly to people, animals and nature. That's what we do it for at The Good Brand. Premium in quality and durability, but not just for the happy few. Sustainable products that are also accessible and affordable to the general public. Our first products are aimed at a clean house.

With The Good Brand cleaning pods you can do a little magic yourself. Dissolve a capsule in water in our reusable bottle made of recycled plastic and you 'brew' your own cleaning agent. Our capsules are ecologically and biodegradable. Free from plastic, water transport, phosphate, palm oil and laboratory animals. At The Good Brand we are always looking for even better. Because green talk is nice, but at The Good Brand we like to make dreams come true. We don't like fuss. We love our planet!
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