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White Silk - Shoelaces
The Shoelace Brand

White Silk - Shoelaces

-"White Silk Shoelaces" by The Shoelace Brand! -Satin shoelaces with a super fine shine in a magical color. -White shoelaces, super elegant. -Metal tips into gold. -Each package contains 2 shoelaces. -Width 2cm. -Available in 100cm & 120cm. -The shoelaces are packed in a nice white lacquered packaging with gold foiling. - Works well to get the packages with pin package holder on. (NOTE must be written in message and confirmed, not standard) -100cm is best suited to 3-5 lace holes & 120cm is best suited to shoes that have 5-8 lace holes (This depends on how wide it is between the eyelets & size of the shoe) The shoelaces are not only a shoelace but also a stylish fashion accessory that is fun to match with outfits and a way to personalize your shoes. The shoelaces give you the opportunity to renew your shoes and keep up with the season's trends. The Shoelace Brand fits perfectly in all types of stores as it is a fun upsell product and a nicely packaged gift. Available today in everything from shoe stores, flower shops, lifestyle, fashion and gift shops. A fun gift instead of a flower. Change the shoelaces and get a brand new shoe, extend the life of your sneakers.

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