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The Vintage Cosmetic Company

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  • Since 2011
  • Distribution Eurosales , Merchandise Inc, ICM
The Vintage Cosmetic Company was born from a love of all things vintage and of course, beauty! Established in 2011 in a little town just outside London, our goal was to marry the elegance and glamour of the 1950’s with the innovative and vibrant beauty trends of today.

Our story began with false strip lashes. There was a lot of choice, but nothing delicate and easy to wear, especially for falsie first timers and women over 16. We didn’t want heavy, we wanted subtle, pretty, long-lasting, lightweight and most importantly, comfortable.

From here, the collection grew; we developed beauty tools, hair accessories, make-up brushes and a bath and body collection. We take inspiration from vintage prints and 1950’s dresses when developing our prints and styles, producing high quality and pretty products that look lovely in your bathroom and on your dressing table, as well as being packaged beautifully to make the perfect gift.
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