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Pack d'implantation Best of soins du visage 100% naturel

Pack d'implantation Best of soins du visage 100% naturel

First order on ankorstore? Enter the code LIFT-RAYHEHCN in your Théophile Berthon basket, and discover your discount ;) TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR LOCATION PACKS TO INTRODUCE THEOPHILE BERTHON TO YOUR CUSTOMERS, WITHIN YOUR BRAND! This 100% natural face pack is composed of 4 products: - 1 x Mild face soap 240ml Fragrance-free, Olive and Evening Primrose, Recommended retail price including tax: €14.50/unit - 1 x Rejuvenating face serum 30ml, 5 oils & 2 seaweeds, Recommended retail price including tax: €39.90/unit - 1 x Pure argan oil 30ml, Recommended retail price including tax: €17.90/unit - 1 x Aleppo Soap 100g, Recommended retail price including tax: €4.20/unit FOR ANY FIRST ORDER, ARE INCLUDED: PRODUCT SHEETS, SAMPLE BAGS AND SHOP POS :-) ------- The Gentle Facial Soap is composed of 80% olive oil and 20% coconut oil after saponification. Formulated with 100% ingredients of natural origin, it is enriched with evening primrose extract. Regenerating, evening primrose vegetable oil leaves the skin supple and soft. Very rich in linoleic acid and it is one of the rare oils to contain gamma-linolenic acid. Free of preservatives, sulphates, fragrances and essential oils, our Gentle Face Soap has been designed to respect all skin types and bring them softness and comfort on a daily basis. Product features: - 100% natural. 0% sulfate - 0% preservatives, 0% perfume, 0% essential oil - Enriched with organic olive oil and evening primrose extract - Base of 80% Olive oil and 20% Coconut oil at saponification - Formulated to respect sensitive skin and bring it softness and comfort on a daily basis - 12 months shelf life after opening ------- Discover the best-selling 100% natural facial care Théophile Berthon. Elected Best of the Best product at the Cosmetics Awards in Hong Kong, it is a real concentrate of land & sea active ingredients. Without preservatives, its surprising and soft texture, its 100% natural and delicate fragrance, and the natural power of the active ingredients it contains, will reveal your complexion and bring comfort and softness. A radiant complexion, in a single gesture. Instant penetration. This elixir will have your must have beauty accomplice. Product features: - 100% natural. 0% water, 0% preservatives - Highly concentrated formula, exceptional penetration - Non-greasy, real face and décolleté beauty treatment - Surprising and soft texture, its delicate smell and the natural power of the active ingredients it contains will reveal your complexion. - 18 months shelf life after opening Properties & benefits of oils and active ingredients: - Alaria Esculenta (seaweed) Stimulates the synthesis of hyaluronic acid* Acts to prevent collagen degradation* - Laminaria Ochroleuca (seaweed) Biological protection factor against external aggressions* Second skin effect - Apricot Promotes tone, radiance and suppleness of devitalized and tired skin complexion developer - Olive Moisturizing, antioxidant, nourishing and emollient Deeply nourishes the skin and regulates the skin's natural moisture system - Macadamia Nourishes, protects, softens and gives your skin a velvety feel - Avocado and Sunflower Regenerating, protects the youth of the epidermis - Tocopherol: Vitamin E *In vitro tests on active ingredients. ------- Our Argan Oil is composed of only one ingredient: argan oil. No water, no oil mixture, no addition, just pure and 100% organically grown. Argan oil is known to fight against physiological aging of the skin by restoring the hydrolipidic film and protecting the connective tissue. Scientific studies have shown that argan oil revitalizes the skin and revives vital cell functions. It can be used for the face, body, beauty of nails and beards or even as a mask for the ends of the hair. ------ Aleppo Soap is made, as tradition dictates, with a base of 100% olive oil and bay laurel, by saponification (in a cauldron). However, it is made in Provence and not in Aleppo, hence the name "Aleppo way". It is used in daily hygiene for the hands, face and body. The properties of laurel berries are known to be soothing, restorative, purifying, exfoliating and purifying the skin. Olive oil softens and protects it from drying out. Product features: - 100% natural - 100% olive oil and bay laurel - 0% animal fat, 0% preservatives, 0% added fragrance - 0% chemical and artificial additives Sold in cellophane. attention, without over-packaging. _______________ All our products are designed and manufactured in France, with love... Théophile Berthon, the effectiveness of natural active ingredients, with added pleasure!

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