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  • Since 2013
  • Distribution Aelia duty free Airport, Nature et Découvertes, Maisons du Monde, boutiques naturelles et bio, concept stores & magasins de déco. Inclus dans votre 1ère commande : sachets échantillons cosmétique, fiches produits et PLV pour votre boutique :)
Théophile Berthon: from aesthetic well-being to emotional well-being. 

Savonnerie Théophile Berthon was created at the end of the 19th century in the heart of Provence.

HASBased on our know-how, the production of Marseille soap by saponification in a cauldron, we wanted to adapt this ancestral method to today's modern needs.  This is how we designed a line of very high quality natural liquid soaps, composed of 80% olive oil, sulfate-free and preservative-free. 

By expanding our range to even more technical treatments dedicated to the face and body, priority has been given to the quality of our formulations.  100% made in France, with a minimum of 98% and up to 100% natural ingredients, heavily dosed in vegetable oils, effective and of course, while retaining the notion of pleasure, with glamorous textures and delicate scents , for intelligent, reasonable, ecological and healthy cosmetics. 

To respond to a quest for holistic well-being, we have conceptualized a new range dedicated to emotional well-being: our collection of submerged natural plants, “L’Herbarium de Théophile.  Unique models, 100% handmade in our Vaucluse workshops, to beautify your interior and create serene and soothing atmospheres.  A new way to enjoy plants at home, maintenance-free and sustainable.

Product lines :
- For decoration and visual well-being: collection of submerged natural plants “L’Herbarium de Théophile”
- For the bath: face and body liquid soaps (80% olive oil), bath salts, pure olive Marseille soap and shampoo
- A range of facial care and a line of body care
- A detergent range for the home

Théophile Berthon, natural elegance & well-being
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