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Bib & Tray Kit  Dove Grey
Tidy Tot EU

Bib & Tray Kit Dove Grey

Our multi award-winning Bib & Tray Kit completely protects your baby whilst weaning, as well as keeping your highchair and floor free from food mess and spills. Each set includes 1 coverall bib and 1 food safe tray. The long-sleeve, coverall bib attaches to the tray to close any gaps between baby and their highchair tray, preventing food from falling onto their lap and clothes. The food-safe tray provides your baby with a large surface from which they can explore and discover food. The tray is just wider than baby’s arm span and the lipped tray stops food, cutlery, cups and bowls from falling to the food. Ideal for all forms of weaning, including baby-led weaning, let baby explore and discover their food and develop their self-feeding skills whilst saving yourself all the washing and cleaning that comes with messy mealtimes! Product Features: 💜Catches food mess and spills and protects clothes 💜Prevents food, cutlery and utensils falling to the floor 💜See at a glance how much your baby has eaten 💜Tray simply wipes clean. Bibs are wipe clean, machine washable and tumble dry 💜Easy to assemble & folds away for easy storage 💜Comes with a handy, wipe-clean storage bag 💜Ideal for both weaning and messy play