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  • Since 2015
  • Distribution POOOW !, Innox, Valiha, Peau de Lapin
Halfway between digital and crafts!

The fusional duo, formed by Karelle & Loïc, supports Craftsmanship in an innovative reflection by creating hand-painted 3D printing jewelry.
Both poetic and colorful, TOCHU-DE jewelry accompanies the daily life of women!
The jewels are light and airy, they combine efficiency, sobriety, elegance and emotion. Each piece is hand painted in their workshop near Chartres. This final and primordial touch of color thus conveys the very singularity of their creations.

TOCHU-DE meaning "halfway" in Japanese, makes it a point of honor to forge aesthetic links between the Design, Digital and Handicraft Universes!

To limit the environmental impact, Karelle & Loïc have chosen 3D printing by powder sintering (laser-fused nylon powder: light, flexible and resistant material) in order to consume only what they need. Thus, in their creative process, creators control their production and avoid any waste by promoting recycling!
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