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Whether you want to fragrance your home, office, or laundry, neutralise odours, or introduce the beneficial properties of essential oils into your space, Waft has a product for you with our affordable & natural alternatives to synthetic air fresheners and laundry perfumes.
Since 2018, the ethos behind Waft Air Fresheners has been to help address indoor pollution from synthetic plug-ins and candles. Instead Waft natural room sprays are simple aromatic blends of essential oils with rosewater, made with 98.5% organic ingredients and are Vegan Society Certified. Created by aromatherapists in the UK and available in 5 signature fragrances: Uplifting Lemongrass, calming Lavender, comforting Rose, citrus Orange and balancing Geranium.
Waft Concentrated Laundry Perfumes are fragranced with natural essential oils & fragrance oils. A unique laundry perfume boost alternative that can even replace conventional fabric softeners. Use as a laundry perfume as-is or mix with vinegar to make a laundry softener. Only 10-20 drops are needed per wash removing the need for huge plastic bottles of conventional fabric softeners. Easy to store & carry with a competitive price per wash. Available in 4 options: Tropical Flowers, Spring Freshness, Lavender & Sweet Orange.
Vegan, plant-based, phthalate and palm oil free you will love these beautifully fragrant products. Vibrantly coloured labels and recyclable brown bottles create a stylish look. The only dilemma is… which fragrance to choose!
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