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Maison PLOUF

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  • Since 2019
Here at Maison PLOUF, we’re reinvigorating the plain & ordinary process of doing laundry with our customizable, plant-based, waste-free detergent.

What makes us unique? We are:

Eco-friendly: 99.3% natural ingredients. Our high-quality formula is crafted to be beneficial to both humankind and nature. It’s toxin-free and fully biodegradable, meaning: zero petrochemicals, zero preservatives, zero SLS, zero fluorescent brightening agents, zero enzymes, zero allergens, zero phosphonates, and zero palm oil in our products.

Affordable: 1L= 50 loads meaning Maison PLOUF allows you to 3X more washes while cutting your plastic use in half relative to regular detergents.

Easy dosing: Our waste-free dispenser pumps out just the right amount of detergent for you. It’s simple: one pump per KG of laundry.

All-inclusive: With our natural, unscented formula, Maison PLOUF works for ALL skin types, even for babies, and on ALL fabrics, even for the most delicate ones.

Proven effectiveness: We’re proud to say that 100% of our beta customers, our “ploufers,” recommend our detergent.

Customizable: For each wash, add one of our four customized fragrances to complete the aromatic experience. Not only are our fragrances divine, but they’re also toxin-free and fully biodegradable. The sensory experience you’ll take in has been prepared by an olfactotherapist whose specialty in balancing energy and maximizing well-being will be yours to smell and savor.

All of this to say: with Maison PLOUF, when you take care of your laundry, it will be taking good care of you and the planet. So, are you ready to PLOUF with us ?
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