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soul food box

Soulfood is your box for more satisfaction, serenity and mental performance. Positive psychology is so understandable and easy to use that it fits into everyday life. 30 cards with impulses and exercises from positive psychology to help you live your life happier, more mindful and more positive Developed in collaboration with psychologists Beautifully designed cards in a high-quality magnetic box - the perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones Made in Germany - cards printed on FSC-certified paper and climate-neutral Dimensions of the box approximately 15.8 cm (width) x 15.8 cm (depth) x 2.8 cm (height) In addition to the Soulfood box, you will receive supporting material to download: The soul food checklist for your first 30 days with the box. Your place to write down which exercises you have already tried and which exercises you would like to repeat The soul food reminder with which you can extend your journey with the box far beyond the first 30 days. The reminder helps you to firmly anchor your new favorite exercises in your everyday life and thus raise your satisfaction to a new level This is how the soul food box works: ​ Set aside 5-10 minutes of your time just for yourself every day. Do an exercise out of the box and feel a direct increase in your well-being. Stay tuned and after about a month you will notice a fundamental increase in your life satisfaction. Find out which impulses and exercises are just right for you. Find your favourites! After the 30 days, we offer you help to permanently integrate your favorite exercises into your everyday life. With our soul food reminder, which you will receive free of charge with your order.

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