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Brûle Parfum Série Inspiration – Dos – Fondants et Cires Parfumées – Bougeoir Photophore en Métal et Céramique – Accessoire Diffusion
Zen Arôme

Perfume Burner Inspiration Series – Back – Fondants and Scented Waxes – Tealight Candle Holder in Metal and Ceramic – Diffusion Accessory

Create a delicately scented atmosphere in your home, opt for the simplicity and effectiveness of the DOS Inspiration Series perfume burner to diffuse perfume and scented fondant without an electrical connection. Its sleek and natural design lets the candlelight escape to create a warm atmosphere. Add to that the delicate fragrance it gives off and you get an ideal product for moments of relaxation. Why choose the inspiration series perfume burner? - For its fragrance diffuser function: perfectly suited to the diffusion of room fragrances. Choose your favorite scent and it will quickly diffuse all the aromas to embalm the room for a fragrant atmosphere. Remember to add water to diffuse the essential oils. - For its scented wax melting burner function: the squares of scented wax, also called scented fondants, are a very practical support for scenting your interior. This diffuser is ideal for melting scented waxes and allows you to effectively diffuse the scents and create a delicately scented atmosphere. - For its style: made of metal and ceramic, it is very decorative with a natural and authentic finish. Its harmonious shape and this mixture of natural materials make it an ideal burner to create subdued and fragrant atmospheres for your moments of relaxation. The metal support and the incense burner can be separated offering other possibilities. How to use it ? Its use is extremely simple, place your scents in the removable container located on the perfume burner. Light a candle (not supplied) and place it in the burner provided for this purpose. To stop it, just blow out the candle. Wait for all the elements to cool before handling. Our incense burners must be used with tealight candles with a diameter of 4 cm and a burning time of 4 hours maximum (not supplied). The spark plug must meet the standards in force. Also be sure to follow the safety instructions indicated on the spark plug. A few words about the Zen’Arôme brand: Zen'Arôme, it is an expertise in Aromatherapy and essential oil diffusers since 2007. A pioneer in this sector, we develop our models according to three main axes: efficiency, reliability and aesthetics by creating our original models essentially developed with quality materials such as glass, metal, ceramics or wood while offering very competitive prices. We also attach great importance to availability and responsiveness to our customers.

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