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Le Jeu d'Oenologie 🍷 Coffret Prestige [2 bouteilles]
1020 Dégustations

The Wine Game 🍷 Prestige Box [2 bottles]

The blind wine tasting game! A tasting quiz for each wine, clue cards, answers hidden in an envelope and much more! Want to go on a first-class wine tour? This tasting box is made up of top-of-the-range wines from different French wine regions and equipment for playing. You will taste two red wines blind. Florian Balzeau, sommelier of the year 2018 has selected these cuvées for you. Contents – 1 welcome letter and suggested food/wine pairings – 2 bottles of red wine – 75cl – 1 Manual and its demonstration video – 1 Tasting pouch with an aroma wheel of the wine and a color chart of the color of the wine. – 3×2 tasting sheets and QR Code access to print them as many as there are participants or teams in the tasting – 6 clue cards – 2 discovery envelopes containing the answers to the cards tastings and information on grape varieties, techniques vinification, appellations, etc. – 2 reusable and collectable bamboo fiber socks Not included: Tasting glasses, decanter, spittoon and corkscrew 6 per box

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