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Wendels Kartenspiele

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  • Since 2018
Wendels Kartenspiele is a young playing card company from Munich and was founded by the owner Wendelin Holz during his studies.    The Trumpf Quartet card games are designed and developed in Munich by Wendelin Holz and his small team.    All data has been precisely researched and is continually updated.    Production also takes place in Germany, more precisely in Altenburg.    Parents nowadays attach great importance to the fact that their children engage with beautiful and meaningful topics while playing and, ideally, learn something in the process.    Many of our customers tell us that we meet these demands with our quartets about mountains, rivers, deserts, lakes, cities and countries around the world.    As part of a restructuring, we are trying to expand our cooperation with smaller retailers and reduce our sales on platforms such as Amazon. We look forward to working together! 
Our range consists of the following knowledge games:

- Berge Trumpf Quartet, 32 top mountains in the world, small gift for mountaineers and mountain lovers
- Rivers Trumpf Quartet, 32 huge river systems in the world, knowledge game for children and adults
- Cities Trumpf Quartet, 32 super metropolises of the world, knowledge game for travelers, geography game
- Distant countries Trump Quartet, 32 important countries in Asia, America, Africa and Oceania
- Countries of Europe Trumpf Quartet, 32 countries in Europe, knowledge game, card game for the family
- Mountains of Europe Trumpf Quartet, 32 outstanding peaks, many Alpine mountains, for climbers, outdoor
- Cities of Europe Trumpf Qaurtet, the 32 most important cities in Europe, knowledge game cities, geography
- Lakes Trumpf Quartet, 32 unique lakes in the world, game for water sports enthusiasts and the whole family
- Desert Trumpf Quartet, 32 extreme deserts of the world, photos by Michael Martin, special edition

All games are developed in Munich and produced in Germany.    Made in Germany!

4 games were only added in 2023.    All data is up to date, from the years 2022 - 2023.    The first 5 games are in 2023 for the 5th time.    times revised and republished.
If you have any questions, we can be reached at any time. Greetings from Munich
Wendelin Wood
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