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  • Since 2012
  • Distribution Bonton, le Bon Marché, Le Petit Souk, La Boutique du lieu...
The idea of Minus was born out of the desire to encourage exchanges between children and parents! Books to fill in and games to play
embarks everywhere and which facilitates discussion, sharing, complicity with our little blond heads (or brunettes!).

For this, we think our Minus with one concern in mind: to capture the attention of children to arouse their curiosity
and above all hang the adult so that he willingly gives his precious time! Whatever the subject,
you will always find in our Minus a quirky and funny tone, questioning and something to stimulate everyone's creativity.
So, at the doctor's, at the restaurant, on the train, we no longer take out our phones, we draw our Minus!

With Minus, we learn, we discuss, we play ... always with humor and above all without taboo!
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