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  • Since 2000
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Educational and imaginative games for children aged 3 to 10
Amulette was born in 2000 with the game “If I were the mistress”, created at home by a mother for her 7-year-old daughter. 
Our games are designed to stimulate children's natural curiosity and awaken their imagination, around themes and professions that are meaningful to them: playing teacher, veterinarian, restaurant, etc. Each game includes a multitude of specific and fun accessories. , inspired by proven educational approaches (Montessori, Freinet). 
Our sets allow children to rediscover the emotion and fun of their parents' and grandparents' games. 
They develop their confidence, skills and imagination to shape the adults they will become tomorrow.
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Part of an individual story, Amulette has become a committed company. 
Respond to ecological challenges, and always think about children and their needs: new products yes, but more sustainable and less systematic, in favor of authentic games that respect the environment.                               
Mainly made of cardboard, Amulette game boxes use sustainable forest paper (PEFC certification) and are manufactured in France by Imprim'Vert certified printers.
Corollary of a concept where children project themselves positively into the future, Amulette strives to promote the maintenance of jobs and know-how in our territory. 
This is why since its beginnings, it has favored Made in France. 
The boxes and most of the accessories constituting the Amulette imitation kits are designed, printed and packaged in workshops in France. 
Only one game, “My First Bag”, cannot claim French manufacturing, because it includes imported products that are unfortunately impossible to find in France.
For its made in France, Amulette surrounds itself with a network of suppliers with whom relationships are based on personal contact, trust and duration. 
Everyone is committed to promoting a local economy, controlling end-to-end quality and combining artisanal tradition and innovation.                               
Since its beginnings, Amulette has offered stores a differentiating range: games whose success is based on word of mouth, and the majority of which are aimed at "older" children, over 6 years old.
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