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1915 bracelet Sandel
1915 Watches

1915 bracelet Sandel

1915 bracelets are the sturdy wooden link bracelets. Designed by the brothers Johnny & Robert Spies. In May 2015, these brothers started the wooden watch brand 1915 watches in the heart of the Bollenstreek. 1915 watches has made wooden watches sexy and fashionable. And to complement the fashionable wooden watches, the brothers have now designed the sturdy wooden link bracelets. The 1915 bracelet Sandel is a sturdy, but above all chic link bracelet made of high-quality Sandalwood. Sandalwood is a family of the special Ebony wood. As a result, the wood naturally has a beautiful dark color. This gives the wooden link bracelet a chic look. This 1915 bracelet fits perfectly with the 1915 watches from the elegance collection.

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