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Sustainable fashion for women. Garments made in Spain with natural fabrics. After 20 years working as a pattern designer for other Spanish fashion brands (Monoplaza, Teresa Palazuelo, Hoss Intropia ...) I decided to create "Almost Black Navy Blue". I wanted to have a positive impact on the world and that is why my goal is to be 100% Sustainable.
We make in small stores in Madrid so we reduce our carbon footprint and ensure decent work throughout the production chain.
It is not only a purpose of Sustainable Fashion, it is to contribute and raise awareness about responsible production and consumption.
I create women's garments with a good pattern, basic with a special touch that can be wardrobe bottoms, very versatile and with quality fabrics so they are durable garments.
1. Sustainable Fashion
2. Eco-Friendly & SlowFashion
3. Made in Spain
4. Natural Fabrics
5. Love for Nature
6. Handwork
7. Limited Edition Garments
8. Manufacture in Local Artisan Workshops
9. Exclusive Design Illustrations
10. Passion for the Perfect Finish
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