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Bettie Confetti

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  • Since 2016
Designed and created by artist Andy Cordina, our range draws on Andy's experience of being a disgruntled Aussie living in London, still complaining about the lack of good coffee and scarcity of sunshine.

After spending ten years working in the city, Andy decided it was time for a change and Bettie Confetti was born.

A tad left of centre, cheeky, ever so slightly offensive or a little off, however you see Bettie Confetti cards, they’re guaranteed to make you laugh. And what’s the world without laughter? We’ve seen it. It’s the Central Line on London's Underground at peak hour and it’s not pretty.

Always tipping their hat to the great art of sarcasm, our cards fly in the face of conventional greetings. There’s no expression of heartfelt emotions, not a teddy bear in sight and just enough passive aggressive sentiment to put a smile on your face.

All cards are printed in the UK and individually packaged with a matching envelope. They’re then hand finished and packaged in our studio in London.
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