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Candy Converters

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  • Since 2019
While developing an edible calendar made of waferpapier to limit paper waste, I discovered that the residual material was perfect for confetti. When I heard that the residual material was being thrown away from the factory or processed into animal feed, it was clear to me. Why waste edible material? And why not solve the waste problem of paper and plastic confetti right away with this biodegradable alternative? So kill two birds with one stone. With this idea I'm fighting both food waste and environmental pollution. And the parties can just stay festive! A small contribution towards a circular economy and a cleaner environment and that with such a cheerful product! So Candy Converters sells biodegradable confetti made of waferpaper. The Paper comes from residual flows, so it's circular. And Because parties come in all shapes and sizes, we also sell all kinds of other sustainable party products such as Christmas Crackers, gift toppings and D.I.Y. Pinata's. Almost all materials used such as bags, paper wrappers, tubes and packaging are recycled and can be reused and we are always chasing better! So whether you are organizing a Christmasdinner, festival Wedding or a Baby Shower. It's all possible with this confetti! It leaves no traces in the environment, or stains when wet and it's fire proof. Parties are fun, but in this way it won't be a mess. Because we don't want rubbish, escpecially not in our environment.No plastic in the parks, no balloons in the trees, but biodegradable confetti made of residual material. Who said trash couldn't be a party? Exactly! NO WASTE, PARTY ON!
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