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Bio Walnuss-Öl ungeröstet, kaltgepresst
Dr. Metz

Bio Walnuss-Öl ungeröstet, kaltgepresst

Healthy: Omega 3 fatty acids Among the vegetable oils, walnut oil is one of the major omega 3 suppliers with an optimal omega 3 to omega 6 ratio. Pressed below 40 degrees Celsius and not roasted - so all healthy nutrients are preserved in the oil. It is therefore worth enriching your kitchen with a valuable vegetable oil! Périgord - probably the best walnuts For our cold-pressed oil we use organic walnuts from the Périgord, a traditional province in France. The Périgord is considered the cradle of the walnut. The walnut has been found here for 17,000 years. Typical of the region today are the neat long rows of small trees with rounded crowns. Only oils from this region carry the controlled designation of origin AOP Huile de Noix du Périgord. Between mid-September and October, the green pods burst and the ripe nuts fall to the ground. Up to 50 kg of nuts can be harvested per tree. One liter of oil is obtained from 2 kg of shelled nuts. After harvesting, the walnuts are ground and gently pressed. For the production of our walnut oil, the nuts are deliberately not roasted in order to retain their full value. Healthy and versatile Walnut oil is particularly suitable for cold dishes: connoisseurs appreciate the oil in salad dressings or drizzle it on fish, soups or vegetables such as asparagus before serving - this is how the aroma comes into its own. Pizza or cake dough gives it a nutty taste. For dessert, walnut oil refines yoghurt with honey and walnuts or fruit salad. Try it with muesli too! Because of its many unsaturated fatty acids, the high-quality, cold-pressed walnut oil is not suitable for frying. Chew heartily Did you know that a daily consumption of 30g of walnut kernels helps improve the elasticity of blood vessels and maintain normal blood cholesterol levels? 30 g of walnut kernels contain 2 g of the omega 3 fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid. You can hardly nibble healthier! Try our freshly harvested, crunchy, tender walnut kernels from France!

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