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Eco Friendly Gift Bundle

Eco Friendly Gift Bundle

The Eco Friendly Gift Bundle contains a beautiful range of eco goodies made from natural materials. All our packaging is made from recycled / recyclable kraft card and our bamboo products are 100% FSC certified for sustainability. The Eco Friendly Gift Bundle includes: 1) 2 x Bamboo Salt & Spice Pot 2) 2 x Cheeky Pot Scrubbers with eyes (sold in pair in gift box) 3) 2 x Zero Waste Kitchen Starter Kit (includes 5 items & gift box) 4) 2 x Bamboo & Stainless Steel Lunch Box 5) 2 x Eat Wild Bamboo Cutlery Sets (jute bag & 5 items) 6) 2 x Bamboo Nail Brush 7) 2 x Natural Exfoliating Body Brush 8) 2 x Bamboo Paddle Hair Brush We engrave the brushes here in the UK. The bamboo items are manufactured in China, where bamboo predominantly grows. We work with a reputable manufacturer who produces the brushes from 100% FSC sustainable bamboo. We only ship to the UK using sea freight, not air, in order to reduce our carbon omissions.

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