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€300 INTRO OFFER!  |  9x FLXBL Yoga Mat

€300 INTRO OFFER! | 9x FLXBL Yoga Mat

WHAT'S INCLUDED? 3x FLXBL Yoga Mat - Sage 2x FLXBL Yoga Mat - Water 2x FLXBL Yoga Mat - Terra 2x FLXBL Yoga Mat - Rose Or choose your own set of colors! Just send us a message with your desired combination of mats within one hour after placing the order. * Take a look at the images to see the collection !!! Don't forget to use our unique code: LIFT-U3AFSAC9 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The FLXBL is a travel yoga mat and luxurious top layer in one! Take it anywhere in the world and practice on your own clean mat. Use it is a top layer on a (studio) mat and experience the unique benefits of its microfiber top. Benefits ✓ Light and foldable so fits in every bag ✓ Great grip, especially while sweating ✓ Velvety soft during restorative classes ✓ Very hygienic because machine washable ✓ Eco-friendly, durable and 100% vegan TRAVEL LIGHT A pretty picture, that rolled-up yoga mat under your arm, but comfort is a different matter! The FLXBL yoga mat is flexible, foldable, and fits perfectly in your handbag, making it ideal to take by bike or for travel. LUXURIOUS TOP LAYER The FLXBL makes a suitable replacement for the yoga towel, absorbing moisture and promoting hygiene. Place the FLXBL on a (studio) mat and experience the benefits of a comfortable microfibre top layer. The natural rubber underside ensures the FLXBL remains firmly in place without creasing. NON-SLIP GRIP The upper side of the FLXBL is made of moisture-absorbing microfibre, making the mat ideal for intensive yoga styles such as Bikram, Power, Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Hot Yoga. In contrast to standard mats, more sweat provides more grip! ULTIMATE COMFORT The FLXBL is also ideal for other yoga styles such as Yin, Hatha, and Pilates. The velvety soft material allows you to experience luxurious comfort during your practice. This combination of non-slip and softness also ensures smooth transitions, for example, when practising Jump Throughs. MACHINE WASHABLE! Do you also find it unhygienic to lie on a mat from the yoga studio or gym? Then the FLXBL is the ideal solution! It can be washed at a low temperature in the washing machine. When in Child's Pose, you can rest your forehead on your own clean mat without a care in the world. ECO-FRIENDLY, DURABLE AND 100% VEGAN The FLXBL is odourless, both literally and figuratively. The natural rubber is biodegradable, and the mat is free of latex, silicone, phthalates, PVC, toxic glue, chlorine, and other harmful substances. The materials are not tested on animals, and the packaging does not contain plastic.