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  • Since 2018
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If you too, as a child, played marbles (on a manhole cover), you must have understood the principle of Game Plak'! How did the idea come to us? Following a game of marbles on the manhole cover with one of our children: "don't you play marbles on the manhole cover at school?" "Yes, but there are always the big ones on it so we can never go there!" Memories memories... And yes, we too were racing when the bell ringing announcing recess! Who will be the fastest to get to the only manhole cover in the yard and get their most beautiful marbles out of their fanny pack??!! But yes ! The best would be if every child could have one... And we could also make giant plates...😜 By Camille & Flo, creators of Game Plak', 100% new! 💟
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