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GINZAI is the only company to win the silver medal in the two main categories - skin & hair care - at the Beauty Oscar 2024. 

International cosmetics experts have ennobled the GINZAI skin and hair care products with Korean forest ginseng! 

We prevailed against over 730 companies from all over the world in the fight for the awards. 

We managed to convince the 18-member international jury of experts of the special qualities of our products. 

GINZAI is entering the sphere of the big players in this highly competitive industry and is establishing itself at the top with this award.  
The top three finalists represent the greatest innovations and trends in their respective category with their products, what an honor!

Of course, all of our trading partners can advertise with this award!
In 2017, we set ourselves the task of creating GINZAI, a cosmetics brand that makes the special effects of the unique Korean forest ginseng for the beauty and health of skin and hair accessible to everyone and enables results in a new dimension at affordable prices.
Only about 1 percent (!)of the ginseng used in cosmetics worldwide is forest ginseng. 

The effect of forest ginseng on skin health is far superior to the commonly used cultivated ginseng (farm ginseng).
All GINZAI care products are based on black Korean forest ginseng - the most valuable medicinal plant in the world - which is known for its high effectiveness. 

Growing wild in the mountain forests of South Korea, without chemical fertilizers or pesticides, this precious ingredient is dug up by hand and then processed in a special process for 30 days to create the exclusive GINZAI care products. 

All GINZAI care products are explicitly tailored to the needs of European skin and hair.
NEW: The GINZAI beauty advisor is the perfect helper for questions about all skin and hair problems of your valued customers. 

Simply copy the following link and use the extensive knowledge of our experts to achieve your customers' beauty goals.

With its adaptogenic effect, forest ginseng adapts to the skin's needs and offers a wide range of applications for all skin types and all ages. 

Our care products are vegan, paraben-free, mineral oil-free and cruelty-free and combine Korean and German know-how. 

In GINZAI we combine the power of forest ginseng with the effect of other high-quality ingredients, such as: 


Hyaluronic acid, shea, mango and cocoa butter, jojoba oil, rhodiola extract, acacia collagen and many others.
For us, black forest ginseng is a ritual symbol of timeless beauty that goes beyond external beauty. 

The GINZAI rituals can all be viewed with a detailed description at the following link:

GINZAI cosmetic products provide a unique care experience with the help of the most valuable ingredients and luxurious textures. 

The secret of all GINZAI care products with ginseng for women and men is the precious forest ginseng, which is particularly effective, prevents wrinkles and ensures firming and cell renewal of the skin. 

You too can use the power of forest ginseng for your customers’ skin and hair care.
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