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Hakuna Matte

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  • Since 2018
  • Distribution Babymarkt, Baby-Walz, Windeln
Instagram hakunamatte
Hakuna Mat - creating happy floor times.
Floors are where it all happens: first turns, crawls, steps, and sometimes small bumps. 

At Hakuna Matte, we transform hard, cold, and boring floors into cozy, playful, and stylish isles. 

Together with nursing professionals, child psychologists, interior designers, material experts, and parents like us, we work towards our mission: creating happy floor times for families.
To achieve this mission each playmat goes through its journey. 

It starts with a chic, timeless, unisex design, which blends with your home decor and provides an atmosphere of comfort. 

Every product is tested for safety by independent certifying institutions and each production batch goes through quality inspection to sort out even the tiniest defects. 

Nobody is perfect, neither are we. 

But when there is
a problem with a product or delivery, we do our best to provide a solution within 24 hours.
Since 2017 Hakuna Mat has expanded across Europe and more than half a million families from Lisbon to Warsaw, from Oslo to Santa Cruz spend their quality time on our mats.
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