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  • Location Angers
  • Since 2017
  • Distribution Chlorophylle, Mademoiselle Vrac, La mesure boutique
In 2017, three friends working in the same company decided to create an activity with the main idea of revisiting an everyday object: the toothbrush. Alexis, Delphin and Thomas wanted a natural product in line with current societal issues, if possible without plastic.

There are many stages in the life of I Love My Teeth! After winning their bet by launching the bamboo toothbrush sold by subscription on the internet, I love my teeth! decides to expand and now offers a wider range of products, healthy and simple, for zero-waste bathrooms.

In particular, we have designed a toothbrush with an interchangeable head whose beech wood handle comes and is made in France. This toothbrush saves 90% plastic over a year. Our magnetic soap dish, also made in France, is the perfect companion for all solid soaps or shampoos.
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