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Serviette Hygiénique Lavable (Jour) - Made in France

Washable Sanitary Napkin (Day) - Made in France

A simple and eco-responsible alternative to disposable sanitary napkins. You won't have to buy pads every month because these washable pads are durable. By choosing the washable alternative, you save money and reduce your waste. Thanks to the different colors, you will bring a touch of cheerfulness and color to your panties. We have selected technical fabrics (organic cotton microterry and waterproof cotton jersey) to ensure comfort, high absorption, waterproofing while remaining thin and pleasant to wear. The white organic cotton microterry side of the sanitary napkins is to be placed on the skin side and the colored cotton side on the clothing side. Maintenance: To maintain your towels, it's simple: They must be soaked in cold water before first use. The washing of sanitary napkins is done in 2 steps: rinsing with cold water after use and machine washing at 40°C, drying in the open air (no dryer). Features - Composition: 100% OEKO-TEX® certified cotton - Eco-responsible artisanal manufacturing in France. Each set of contains a mix of different designs.

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