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  • Since 1840
Founded in 1790 at the foot of the French Pyrenees by Lucien Laulhère, the Laulhère house began making berets in 1840.
Since then, we have never stopped making this mythical object that is the beret, the product of a singular ancestral heritage and a unique know-how that is now only held by a handful of enthusiasts.
Our ambition is to tirelessly continue to modernize the beret and bring it to the fore, year after year, while perpetuating the priceless heritage of which we are today one of the last guardians.

To develop this exceptional product, it is necessary to combine top quality materials, rigorously selected, and men and women experienced in the art of knitting, fulling and felting, dyeing and colors, finishing and many other operations specific to the manufacture of a Laulhère beret.
All of this know-how earned Laulhère the official recognition of the Origine France Garantie and Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant labels in 2013.

The products are knitted and felted from raw wool, naturally ecru in color, then dyed using mixtures of pigments based on recipes developed over the years by the house. The process requires a lot of skill for the dye to set evenly, but it allows you to obtain colors of unparalleled depth and brilliance.
The headdress is then shaped, scraped then shaved in order to obtain a perfect velvety before going to the workshop of the confection. At each of these stages, a visual check makes it possible to discard copies that do not comply with the high quality standards of the Laulhère house.

Making a beret requires two full days of work, sometimes more, and a multitude of checks and adjustments that make each item unique.
The mastery of the material, the manufacturing processes and the shaping operations associated with berets and headgear make Laulhère a recognized partner for the custom production of headgears by the big names in fashion. Since the 1970s, the house has been offering tailor-made clothing and has signed collaborations with the biggest names in French fashion. We carry out studies and prototypes on the basis of a specification, a drawing, an idea by providing fashion professionals with all the craftsmanship that makes us proud.

1. KEEPER. Small colored bow sewn on the leather, at the back of the beret.
3. HEAD MEASUREMENT. Leather strap sewn on the internal opening of the beret.
4. HEADDRESS. Internal part of the beret in contact with the head and covered with fabric.
5. CREST. Woven pattern sewn on the inner cuff.
6. CABILLOU. Small top tail, trace of the time when knitting was done with long boxwood needles.

Commitment is one of the founding values of Laulhère. It is for this reason that around twenty armies around the world have placed their trust in the House. By meeting more than 30 essential qualitative, environmental and societal criteria, our Oloron plant has been able to conquer national requirements.
Starting from a utilitarian function then identity and belonging, the beret gradually becomes the most widespread military headdress in the whole world. Curiously, in the midst of all its qualities, it is the color that will ensure its brilliance on the battlefields. No less than thirty colors represent each military corps. A strong symbol of identity. For armies, the beret is a sign of proud rallying to a family.
The beret, an emblematic figure worn by those who are committed, those who are militant, those who resist.
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