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Gant d'apprentissage avec poche pour savon
L'échoppe de Nine

Learning glove with soap pocket

Children's learning glove: elasticated wrist to hold it in place, with mesh pocket to insert soap. Very easy to use: Cut a small piece of soap, insert it into the mesh pocket of the glove and voila. You can also slip leftover soaps into it and recycle them to use them to the last crumb. No more waste! Your child can thus soap himself, like a grown-up without soap who slips on the floor or soaks in the bath water... On the way to autonomy! Eco-friendly & pleasure: the Tencel® sponge (eucalyptus) is produced in Europe. These woods grow quickly without watering, pesticide, fertilizer… It is infinitely gentle for the most delicate, sensitive skin ... The organic cotton net is lightly exfoliating for gentle, effective cleansing. Manufacturing in a responsible workshop that cultivates quality, ethics for the greatest respect for Man & the Planet

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