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Les P'tits Fouets

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  • Since 2019
The essence of Les P’tits Fouets is based on the inspiring story of a 35-year-old father of two, Salvio. Driven by the desire to share his passion for cooking with his children, he has always had a deep dream of embarking on an entrepreneurial adventure.

My journey takes root in the completion of my studies in Foreign Trade at HELMO, located in Liège in Belgium. My rapid immersion in the professional world led me to my first position in a renowned banking institution. There, I acquired the skill of analyzing customer needs in order to provide them with tailor-made solutions.

More than a decade passed, and in 2016, with the birth of my daughter, my dream of starting my own business persisted...

Cooking in a friendly atmosphere, whether with the family, with grandparents, godmothers and godfathers...

My daughter's awakening to my culinary passion was the trigger. Her desire to get hands-on on her own, following my example, led her to use my cooking utensils. Although I didn't always approve, as it often resulted in a kitchen that looked like a battlefield: an overly heavy whisk falling out of the bowl, an overly cumbersome spatula...not to mention the inevitable stains on clothes. It was then that the idea slowly germinated: why not create real kitchen items adapted to the size of children? After a year of maturation, the project finally saw the light of day in November 2019 with the advent of the "Les P'tits Fouets" brand.
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Les P'tits Fouets
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