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Les Petits Citrons

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  • Since 2021
We are Shanti and Louis, two longtime friends. We have known each other since our childhood and it was while growing up that we realized that both of us were driven by passions that are very similar: crafts in general for Louis, and wood engraving for Shanti.

We quickly noticed that birth gifts were often excessively expensive and of poor quality.

Looking for an original gift, but also innovative, useful and unique, Louis had the idea of setting up a company to create birth gifts, an idea that he initially thought was unrealizable. It was while talking with Shanti that the idea developed: her determination and Louis' creativity are what the little lemons represent today. An idea turned into reality.
It is therefore together that we decided to undertake and create the workshop Les Petits Citrons.

Very creative, always in search of novelties, we turned to a manual activity, which could be, according to us, the strong point of our personalized gifts: engraving.

It was a way of combining our desire to undertake with our passion for artisanal creation and for personalization on wood. With the little lemons, we decided to create unique and customizable products at affordable prices.

To please newborns, but especially their parents, the realization of our products is unique: we want to make material the love that your child will receive.
Today, we want to expand our articles to please young and old. This is why you can find in our shop different ranges of products, suitable for any type of occasion: mother's/father's day, birthdays, baptisms, weddings...

Each of the products we make is engraved by us, in our workshop in France. We put our hearts into it, so that your products live up to your expectations. We are committed to impeccable customer service, which is why we try to listen to your desires, needs and desires, however crazy they may be.

We wanted our achievements to be yours too. In our image and in your image, following our passions, les petits citrons products are our success, we are proud of them, because they combine everything that is important to us; entrepreneurship, craftsmanship, but also and above all the art of pleasing.
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