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  • Since 2003
French brand launched in 2003, EKOBO is the combination of the words ECO (ecology) and BEAU (beautiful). We want to simplify and beautify everyday life while protecting the environment through functional designs designed and manufactured in an eco-responsible way.
It all started with a children's tableware set that we wanted to be absolutely durable but plastic-free and safe for our first daughter (who is now 15!). Drawing on years of expertise in fair trade craftsmanship and product design, in 2010 we developed an exclusive eco-responsible biopolymer that has become our signature.

Initially centered on bamboo, our expertise and collections have expanded over the years to include a whole range of sustainable, recyclable and planet-preferable materials: cork, rePET fabric, high food-grade silicone and GOTS-certified ecological cotton.
We now offer more than 500 references in a wide range of shapes and colors: beautiful practical objects in a contemporary style, well thought out, eco-responsible and adapted to today's life for the home and outdoors. .
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