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Li & Créations

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  • Since 2013
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Li & Créations is the French brand of sustainable jewelry inspired by nature.

Angélique, the designer, has been innovating since 2013 with her 3 natural ranges and combines the vibratory forces of stones, crystals and materials with the aesthetics of fine jewellery.

Mineral, organic and vegetal take shape between his hands in his workshop in Aix-en-Provence from 14k gold filled gold, the only alternative material to solid gold composed of recycled gold, and evolves with a manufacturing process circular, local production and lines designed to withstand life and be reusable from one collection to another.

Like nature, the lines of the plant range evolve in our workshop in Aix-en-Provence with the pace of the seasons and according to flowering. In February they will be adorned with winter jasmine while in April with mimosa, and so on. The floral and vegetal compositions present in our jewels are natural and vary over the pickings of Angelica to reveal only a few specimens only. Rose, poppy, white-flowered shrub, daisy, pansy, agapanthus, daisy, violet, mimosa, jasmine, torilis and wildflowers are picked by hand particle by particle in Provence.
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