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  • Since 2016
Loovara offers a comprehensive range of prevention and intimate products that support the path to better health and self-love.

We believe that everyone should have access to affordable, high-quality intimate hygiene and prevention products - anytime, anywhere.

Our complete line of products is tailored to each individual's individual needs so that intimate health, sexuality and pleasure can be lived out with confidence and fun.

We offer a wide and diverse range of lubricating gels, massage oils, relaxation sprays, aphrodisiacs, intimate care and a comprehensive safer sex range consisting of 7 different sizes of condoms as well as latex-free condoms, oral dams and female condoms.

We call things by their proper name, directly without detours, in a humorous way.

It doesn't matter who with whom, how or what, we are convinced that there are no taboos as long as it feels good.

And so that it feels really good and you have the security, our products are made of high-quality ingredients, meet the highest quality standards and are completely developed in Germany.

We invite everyone to join our movement - to break down barriers and promote a positive attitude towards pleasure and intimacy.

Founded in 2016, Loovara today has 15 employees and offers more than 100 different products related to sexual wellbeing and intimate health, which are delivered to over 40 countries worldwide.

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