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Monika Herré Jewelry

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  • Since 2011
  • Distribution, Etsy
Monika came to Bali in 1994 and was immediately fascinated by the place. At that time she was a young fashion designer with an adventurous and entrepreneurial spirit. Soon she had her first fashion collection, which she produced with the help of local seamstresses.

However, it wasn't long before she found her true passion - jewelry design. Like many others who visit the magical island of Bali, she quickly recognized the remarkable craftsmanship and culture of the local people.

Since then, Monika Herré has been working with traditional Indonesian silversmiths, creating unique, handcrafted pieces.

​Respect for the culture and the people we work with is fundamental to how we do business. That's why we strive to protect the unique skills and way of life of our silversmiths and their families.
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Monika Herré Jewelry
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