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Pri's Puddings

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  • Since 2019
At Pri’s Puddings, we combine the simplest wholefood ingredients to create indulgent and 100% natural desserts.
Our Pocket Sized Pies bring you a healthier indulgence, using only 5 wholefood ingredients. All of our “clean-label” desserts are vegan, gluten free and peanut free, with 100% recyclable packaging. We believe simplicity and transparency is key to creating a healthier world!

Indulge with an oaty pie crust, filled with a choice of 3 flavours:
• CHOCO PIE - a rich and decadent chocolate ganache
• CASHEW PIE - a moreish cashew butter caramel
• PECAN PIE - a luxurious date caramel and sprinkled with pecan crumbs

Have you got your eyes on the pies? Go on, pick up our scrumptious pockets of delight for the ultimate guilt-free indulgence
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