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  • Since 2017
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Hello and welcome to the Puterful store. In our store you can find all those original products or gifts that you can imagine. At Puterful you will not find the typical super “happyflower” gift, we love to talk and call things by their name. We are rebels and we give voice to your thoughts. We have gifts for everyone, gifts for dad, gifts for mom, gifts for birthdays or gifts for your girlfriend.

We are in a time where we want to be too original, but there will be no better fun gift than giving your mother a mug that says: "You have me up to the balls", which, surely, is a phrase you hear a lot at home (especially in your adolescent period).

And not only do we have that, we also have original and fun gifts for yourself. There is nothing better than giving yourself something for your pretty "toto".

We believe that we cannot make it easier for you. Stop thinking about what to give to your friends, friends or closest people. We do it for you and for you, you have plenty to choose as many gifts as you want: Cushions, Colognes, Original Mugs, Original Agendas, Calendars to hang on your lazy student wall and much more.

Take a look at our store and discover all the gifts available, you will be surprised!
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