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  • Location Granada
  • Since 2015
At AnankeCosmetics, every detail of the process is taken care of. Each cosmetic and natural perfume is soaked with a personal, unrepeatable energy. Ecological, regenerating and effective cosmetics, which combines and draws on various traditions. At the same time modern and innovative, natural and respectful of the land and animals. Certified organic products. Without chemical pigments, without synthetic aromas, without parabens, without mineral oils and free of toxins. My name is Cristina, and I am the creator of Ananke products. From the beginning of my career I felt a deep need to create a personal and unique project connected to nature and all that it means. This project, always related to natural and organic cosmetics, has evolved to specialize in organic cosmetics and botanical aromas with essential oils. The elaboration is exclusively handmade and all the details implicit in the process are taken care of: from the selection of high quality ingredients to the aromatic creation with essential oils, the concept behind the product, the ethical values and the final packaging. AnankeCosmetis specializes in the field of natural, organic and niche cosmetics, along with botanical perfumery and the subtle art of aromatherapy. It is an ethical, ecofriendly project, without animal experimentation, sustainable and handmade.
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