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Pack Implantation 5 coloris de Foulards
So Family

Pack Implementation 5 colors of Scarves

You have just discovered So Family and do not know where to go to start this first installation of scarves? Here is a typical layout proposal with our different shades of Delhi scarves 4x DHELI KIDS CELADON SCARF 4x DHELI KIDS THILLEUIL SCARF 4x DHELI KIDS APRICOT SCARF 4x DHELI KIDS PURPLE SCARF 4x DHELI KIDS NUDE SCARF 4x DELI MUM CELADON SCARF 4x DHELI MUM THILLEUIL SCARF 4x APRICOT MUM DHELI SCARF 4x DHELI MUM PURPLE SCARF 4x DHELI MUM NUDE SCARF This pack gives you a nice presentation of our Delhi scarves!

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