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  • Since 2021
the weeks makes organic postpartum products, beautiful and with attitude. Our postpartum pads and nursing pads are vegan, plastic-free, fairly produced and clinically tested. All cosmetic products are genuine natural cosmetics and are made in Germany. Because they are free of harmful substances, they prevent irritation and skin irritation and thus really contribute to well-being in the first days after birth. Our products come in a sleek design that gives women in postpartum the respect they deserve.


Lea Borgmann founded the Wochen 2021 after she couldn't find high-quality products with an attractive design in her own children's bed. She wanted to create a brand that supported women in the postpartum period with products and information, while at the same time giving them the respect they deserve after giving birth.


During the weeks we value quality, self-determination and facts. Our products are of the highest quality and free from harmful substances. We want to encourage women to stand up for themselves and go their own way during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. We do our best to provide women with science-based knowledge about childbirth.

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