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BAREFOOT - handmade toys and bags

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  • Location Berlin, Germany
  • Since 1964
  • Distribution by Liebman Design Import of Berlin
"Barefoot stands for craftsmanship, creativity and design. Our great passion for colors and fabrics is the basis of our inspiration", says Barbara Sansoni, founder of BAREFOOT.

BAREFOOT has been producing textiles and soft toys in Sri Lanka since the 1960s. The fabrics are hand-woven, dyed with ecologically safe colors (Ökotex) and filled with high-quality, natural kapok. Every finished product is unique.

The unique soft toys and bags, which are pleasing to the eye and encourage play, are the result of the collaboration between Barbara Sansoni and women from the rural regions of Sri Lanka. The result of this collaboration has meanwhile become a story about people who, with their creativity and craftsmanship, have managed to create small works of art again and again and enable a positive production community for all employees.
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