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  • Since 2019
Welcome to my colorful world...
I am Charlotte, fulfilled wife and mother of a large tribe of 4 little blond heads!
I started my studies in a hotel school, where I met the man who would become the man of my life.
Holder of a diploma in hotel and catering, nothing destined me to sewing…
I combined jobs, in several hotels as a receptionist, then with my husband, we bought a small hotel in the south of France which we renovated for many years.
The beginning :
One day, my first boy's school asked me to help make costumes for the end-of-year show…. At the same time, my little Maddy points the tip of her nose. And it was with natural evidence that I started to sew for my children, and for my family.
At that time, everything happened! Backpacks, hats, accessories, everything I could create and make I did.
In December 2018, my family gave me my first embroidery machine and encouraged me to embark on the great adventure of entrepreneurship.
On March 1, 2019, the great Cha'pik adventure began...
At first, I combined my job and the making of my creations.
And then comes the COVID... This famous COVID that has turned the lives of each of us upside down...
At that moment, I decided to go 100% and live my passion to the full. My fifth baby was born: Soft Cha'pik
Why Cha'pik?
As far as I can remember, Cha has always been my nickname... and Pik is a perfect example of the profession of seamstress. The very soft adds softness just like the creations that I propose. It was therefore an obvious fact that imposed itself on me.
Throw myself body and soul?
Yes ! But only with a well-established action plan!
The objective: to offer original, exclusive creations that cannot be seen anywhere else, and above all of high quality! In short, Cha'pik!!
To bring you the best, I looked for serious suppliers, it took me a long time, even several months... Then, I found my rare pearls in order to offer you materials certified without chemical and harmful substances. for your babies with eco-responsible labels.
My creations are tested in the lab to obtain the FAMOUS CE STANDARD. The safety of your babies is my priority!

My creations :
I draw my embroideries, and create UNIQUE cuddly toys, to offer you tailor-made creations.
Recently, I have been creating and printing my own fabrics, which are therefore unique and imagined by myself.
The sweet Cha'pik adventure is growing thanks to you and has only just begun...
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