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  • Since 2020
Crafty Fox began as cards I designed for friends and family with lots of encouragement it has grown in to a brand with 3 core ranges in greeting cards, stickers, prints and key-rings.

All my designs are inspired by things I love whether that’s origami animals, shoes, vintage fashion or bad puns.

My origami animal range began with my Crafty fox and now includes a variety of animals from dinosaurs to flamingos. All the designs are roughly based on origami and angular lines. I have produced each of the designs as a greeting card and sticker.

The Bootanical (I warned you about the bad puns!) combine my love of plants and shoes! Each design is produced as a sticker and a greeting card. I currently have 2 of the most popular designs as key rings, I hope to expand this. I also produce a number of these designs as A4 prints.

The vintage inspired designs are currently produced as greeting cards, that are great for most occasions.
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