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PILLE | 3D-Druck | Nature

PILLE | 3D-Druck | Nature

Like all vases in the "eins" collection, the PILLE vase is dominated by long, thin ribs that give the vase a modern but timeless appearance. The pill-shaped gradient expands the luminous three-dimensional texture into a minimalist overall appearance. In addition to the stunning look, the vase also has a practical insert that is intended for the use of fresh flowers. - Made from responsibly sourced plastic - Additive manufacturing for maximum material and energy savings - Sustainable and responsible design from Germany Vase: Made of polylactic acid, PLA for short, the vase is a unique object brought to life by hundreds of thin layers. Small irregularities - barely visible to the eye - make each vase unique. Insert: In order to avoid energy-intensive manufacturing processes such as glass production, we manufacture the inserts for our vases ourselves from recyclable polypropylene. Due to its low weight, this plastic pollutes the environment far less than glass or ceramics and is also 100% unbreakable. The supplied insert makes it possible to put fresh flowers in the vase and can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher after use. Instructions for use: -Vase not dishwasher safe -Do not heat the vase above 50°C -To clean the outside of the vase, use lukewarm soapy water and a soft cloth -Insert dishwasher safe -Insert can be heated up to 75°C

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