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Ferdai Slow life

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From this small corner of the planet I want to accompany you in your search for objects that fill your life with intention and remind you, day by day, of the person you want to become.

I am more and more convinced that life is an endless search. And, although I have to admit that in some stages this has caused me some frustration, now I know that it is what most fills me with wealth.

The search makes us grow. It encourages us to look for alternatives to what cannot fill us. It causes us a receptive attitude to meet people who enlighten us with their way of being. To stumble upon inspiring projects that make us believe a little more in human beings.

And this is precisely the reason that has motivated me to bring Ferdai to life in the digital world. I want this place to serve as an inspiration (as it has done for me) to all those people who seek to reconnect with their essence.
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