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  • Since 2020
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Illugin is a Belgian brand, focusing on magical spirits that brings an exceptional experience. The uniqueness of our products is that they trigger your eyes, nose and tongue! Today we offer two color changing gins and an orange bitter aperitif.

Illugin Blueberry - A blue gin that becomes purple-pink when adding tonic. With tastes of caraway, angelica and blueberries.

Illugin Matcha - A green gin that becomes champagne-gold when adding tonic. With tastes of mango and matcha.

Blue Rose - A purple orange bitter aperitif that becomes pink when serving it as a spritz. With tastes of mandarin, rose petals and orange.

The idea was to introduce new and unique products. Not so easy these days as hundreds of thousands of spirits already exist, all with their own uniqueness and flavors and coming from all over the world. So for sure it had to be a special. A real eye-catcher with an extraordinary taste. And so the quest started…
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