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  • Since 2007
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Jelly of Light S.L. was founded in 2007 by José Ignacio Gimeno and Fernando Escanilla, after many years of professional background as engineers t. in the beekeeping, environmental, landscape, food and social sectors (since 1998). We began our activity specializing in the production, packaging and direct marketing of 20 varieties of pure native non-homogenized honeys originating 100% from Spain, progressively consolidating our brand based on of a continuous dissemination of the extraordinary values of our natural products.

In 2017 we started a new line of creation to obtain a special range of derivatives of the hive, based on this vital elixir that is pure propolis, both at a food level and at a natural BIO cosmetic level, until achieving a total of thirteen exceptional products (creams, ointments, extracts, tinctures, candies, gels, shampoos, toothpastes, lip sticks, soaps,...).

In 2018 we built our "Agri-food multi-packaging technology center" in the middle of the Monegros desert, in order to satisfy the continuous demand of distribution channels and promote the development of this disadvantaged rural area. We are currently immersed in a process of progressive commercial expansion, both nationally and internationally, opening our doors to possible collaborations with new distributors, establishments, who wish to support our project and become part of the JALEA DE LUZ family.
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